Not in my backyard

Shǐ just got real.shijustgotrealOne of the side-effects of planting lots of trees around your building is that it attracts people looking for some token privacy. I think I can emotionally empathize with these neighbours now.

Maybe it’s like gun laws in the USA; the people who would actually heed these signs aren’t the ones making the problem. But at least acquiring them lets off a little culture stress steam. I’ll put them up, along with some “Don’t throw garbage” signs, but our real plan is to make our own sign that says something like, “If you need to use the bathroom, you’re welcome to ring Unit 101.” The culprits are workers who are temporarily in the neighbourhood on a job (construction, installation, etc.) and who literally have nowhere to go. So we don’t really hold it against them, but I’d rather not have the ground literally right outside our windows used as a bathroom (or for naptime).

When toilets get lost in translation

On the bathroom wall of a Qingdao coffee shop:

Toilet rules
Apparently even toilets can get lost in translation.

Be honest: how many of you wish your first squatty had come with instructions like this?

[Edited to add:]
Curiously enough, the same day I posted the above photo, this came through my Facebook feed:how to poopwhy squat

So in China they’re trying to get people to poop like Euro-Americans, and in America they’re trying to get people to poop like Chinese. Smh…