Easter weekend hike on Qingdao’s Fushan 青岛浮山

We’d rather have clear skies, of course, but the smog/fog can make for almost fantastical looking views from the slopes of Qingdao’s Fushan 青岛浮山。
Air pollution has been in the mid-100s for much of March and April, but that’s not enough to keep us indoors. (At 200, we turn on extra D.I.Y. air purifiers.)
There are plenty of decent picnic spots to be had.
It’s that funny time of year where we go out in shorts and t-shirts while our Chinese friends wear sweaters and jackets, because we dress for the weather/temperature, and they dress for the Chinese lunar calendar/traditional Chinese medicine theory.

Qingdao, from half-way up Fushan

Half-way up one of the many paths on Qingdao’s Fushan mountain.
We do this hike with our 4-year-old, but it’s tricky in spots. The dirt roads are actually really slippery and steep in places, and that makes it tedious (and a little dangerous) for the little people.

Ocean mist from the top of Qingdao’s Fushan 青岛浮山

One of several great views from Qingdao’s Fushan 青岛浮山。
On top of Fushan 青岛浮山

Picnic Spot Gold Medals, Fushan, Qingdao, China

picnic spot champs
While hiking Qingdao’s Fushan we saw this couple and their fantastic picnic spot.

Picnic spot champions
On the left, on a boulder, wearing white. I can’t decide which couple got the best spot.