Beginning the long week of Goodbyes – with Peking Duck

Tonight the Sunday English class took us to a fantastic restaurant for Peking Duck. We had a great time getting to talk and laugh, and it only makes us realize that much more how we’re going to miss everyone. Man, that sounds so depressing. We leave Taiwan one week from today, so all of the “you’re leaving we need to do something” events are happening. Which is great! Except for the leaving part.

Some additional firsts/fun stuff at dinner tonight:

  • having traditional Peking Duck for the first time
  • laughing at our friends for laughing at us because they saw us laughing at one of them when he, upon closer examination of the Pope’s Nose (duck’s tail/butt meat), declared it (in all innocence): “a**hole”
  • trying duck brains right out of the head (tastes sort of like squishy hard boiled egg yolk).

Tomorrow night we’re having hotpot with the young people’s group. Wén-dí is about as tall and skinny as me, and I’ve already challenged him to an eating contest. From what I’ve heard, though, I think I’ll lose. Sunday night it’s a party at our place. Jessica is cooking enchiladas and we’re playing má jiàng. Tuesday there’s a trip to night market specializing in Chinese New Year stuff with Mingdaw, and Wednesday we’re having dinner with LÇŽo Zhào. I don’t know what happens after that – I suppose we’ll start thinking about packing. We leave Friday for Chiang Mai, Thailand.