New Chinese anti-gendercide poster — translated

For the sake of social stability and the family, understand: ‘gender equality’ (code for: a healthy population sex ratio) is crucial to China’s rise to power.

Asian ‘gendercide’ in Canada — our local paper opens an explosive can of worms

In my Canadian hometown, ultrasound clinics won’t reveal your baby’s gender because sex-selective abortion is so prevalent. A local paper dares to investigate.

October’s propaganda: anti-“gendercide”

It’s time for your monthly dose of sloganeering! But first, have you ever wondered: What to do with a population the size of Canada that is comprised entirely of sorely disaffected males from the ever-lowering classes who have no hope of finding a woman and whose economic horizons look increasingly bleak? From our trip to … Continue reading October’s propaganda: anti-“gendercide”

Viral one-minute Chinese sex ed video — English translation

“Your mom says they found you on the garbage heap? Your mom remembers wrong…”

Pro-life in abortion-saturated China — What do you do?

If you’re aware that the unborn are human individuals and you believe in universal human rights, how do your convictions play out in abortion-saturated China?

Justice, Compassion and Forgiveness in 2012 China

“When that day comes, will China continue with a pattern of harsh retribution, or a will it begin a path of grace, mercy and compassion?”