Why I’m glad Qingdao is the beer capital of China

(Hint: because that means it’s not the baijiu capital of China.)

Fancy beer-in-a-bag

Normally the plastic bag just gets hung from a scale that’s hung off the tap, but this summer our closest beer-in-a-bag vendor fancied things up a bit.

The Alphabet, Beer, and how China will destroy our civilization

The most popular beers in the world are ones you’ve never heard of. Because China has that many beer drinkers. Now apply that to the English language. And weep.

A China-themed Lord’s Supper talk

I was obligated to speak during Communion (aka the Eucharist) while visiting friends and family in North America this summer. So of course it was China-themed!

1st Corinthians 13 — CSV translation (Culture Stress Version)

I’m feeling rather pious after last night’s donkey dinner, though I probably won’t be by the time I finish this post…

The real Chinese nightlife

After dinner is social time outdoors in Qingdao.