Crabs-on-a-stick, Qingdao, China

We were on a date walking along the ocean and saw this:

crabs on a stick
Been in this town three years, but this is the first time I’ve seen crabs-on-a-stick.

So I asked on Weixin (微信 aka WeChat; what China does instead of Facebook) and got mostly positive responses, like with the starfish but unlike with the chicken fetus, where responses were decidedly mixed. (Dog meat also gets a wide range of reactions among our Chinese friends and acquaintances, as there’s a social class dynamic at play there.)

Best comments about the crabs-on-a-stick were these ones:

I’ve not only eaten them, I’ve roasted them myself. You have to roast the crabs belly-up, only this way will the juice not leak out and be wasted.

Seeing this I feel it’d cost some teeth!

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