Crowd-control sand castles, Qingdao, China

One of our many crowd control sand castles at Qingdao’s 石老人 beach:crowd control sand castle Turns out that building a anti-social sand castles is not the most effective way to keep the overly-curious, camera-happy, Chinese public off your kids at the beach. The sand castles help, but the best way to shield your kids from strangers’ unwanted attention is to go to the beach with your Chinese friends. For whatever reasons, when we’re at the beach with a Chinese family or two, strangers pretty much leave us alone. And it requires a lot less digging.

We’ve had some fun on Qingdao beaches:

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  1. You’re STILL not used to it? Seriously, how long have you been here now? Jeez it’s like listening to a first-year foreigner.

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