5 thoughts on “Raw sea cucumber”

  1. Seriously, you people are STILL doing the “OMG so weird food!” thing? How long you been in China now? Since ’06? When were you planning on growing up and becoming China veterans and stop the whole “this is so gross…eww!” aspect?

    It’s just embarrassing. How about a report of how the sea cucumber tasted? How much did it cost? What’s this special restaurant that serves it, and how did they import it? That’s a blog post. WEIRD FOOD CHINA is so damn “just got to China 6 months ago and DUDE SHIT IS WEIRD HERE”.

  2. One thing is well known….Chinese people eat well. One of my favorite dishes , in China, is Sea Urchin. Sea Urchin is a delicious dish, difficult to find in (my) Tampa FL. area.

    1. I’ve seen urchin at BBQs, but just haven’t been at a meal where it was served yet. Is it like starfish, I wonder? I liked the raw sea cucumber better than the soup cucumber — hot wasabi sauce, and crunchy, like raw jellyfish, or a floppy thinly sliced carrot.

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