Maodan 毛蛋

[Photo Gallery:] Eating chicken fetuses 毛蛋 in Qingdao, China

IMO, adventure eating isn’t any fun by yourself. And it’s not any interesting if the food isn’t “real” local food, meaning if it’s something locals made up just to freak out tourists but don’t actually eat themselves then I’ll pass. Unless it looks tasty. But I’ve seen 毛蛋 (chicken fetus eggs) and starfish (and cicadas and silkworm chrysalises) in normal Chinese settings far removed from any tourism. I pass by piles of them every week in Qingdao. So when some undauntable foreign friends from Kunming visited us last week, it was the perfect chance to try them.

These things are common, but they’re also not a regular thing for most people, and a lot of people think they’re gross. Below the photos I’ve translated some of the reactions I got sharing a 毛蛋-eating picture on 微信 (aka WeChat, the Chinese answer to Facebook). Click a thumbnail to open the viewer!

Some 微信 reactions:

[alarmed/dismayed/appalled] / [惊恐]
No No oh my。。。
[astonished] / [惊讶][惊讶][惊讶][惊讶][惊讶]
Can even write Chinese, awesome / 还会写中文,厉害
This seems unhealthy! / 这个好像不健康!
[alarmed/dismayed/appalled] / [惊恐][惊恐][惊恐]
I’m terrified [supercilious] / 真惊了[白眼]
[cold sweat] I don’t dare eat that / [冷汗]俺不敢吃
Isn’t this cruel? / [撇嘴][撇嘴][撇嘴]是不是很残忍
[Strong] / [强]
You really do this! I’ll ‘like’ it, but won’t imitate [awkward] / 你真行!点赞,但不效法[å°´å°¬]
[stunned][stunned][stunned] / [发呆][发呆][发呆]
James asks you: does it taste good? How’s the texture? / James问你:好吃吗?口感怎么样?
[become weak] / [è¡°]

But some people do like them, like this woman, who snagged one today right in front of me while I was waiting for my lunch.

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