In China on SunVPN

When we first came to China YouTube and Facebook were still accessible. We didn’t bother to have a VPN. But now that those sites and others are blocked, and especially because we’re raising our parents’ grandkids in a foreign country, we feel the need.

For the 2nd year in row, we’re going with SunVPN. (If you can’t access that link from your location, try here and here.)

A solid VPN is crucial for us in China. The sites our family members in North America use to share photos and videos of the kids are all blocked here. We spent the last year using SunVPN and liked it so much we’re renewing for a 2nd year.

They offer both OpenVPN and PPTP VPN, 256 bit AES encryption, custom installers for Windows and Mac OS, and a worldwide server network. There’s always somewhere we can connect to. It unblocks everything and it’s fast enough to stream movies. That means when sites restrict content to certain countries, like when NBC restricted some Olympic stuff to American IP addresses, or Canadian and American Netflix offer different movie selections, all we have to do is choose a server for the country we want. I am not a super tech-literate guy, but I don’t need to be because SunVPN is simple to use, and we’ve had no major problems.

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  1. The SunVPN website is blocked for me (I’m in Guangzhou). So, too, is leaving a reply on your website.
    I get around this by using an anonymous web based proxy service. It is not perfect, but it unblocks enough to be livable. It is also free.

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