Chinese gov to The People: “Mind your manners!”

Here’s another poster (in addition to the previous three) from our recent morality campaign, courtesy of the Qingdao Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office, which literally tells people to say please, thank you, and excuse me:

Emphasize civilizedness, cultivate a new custom/trend/atmosphere
讲文明 树新风
Hand-in-hand together create a civilized city

礼 – propriety, proper behaviour in relation to others, courtesy
(inside the “礼”:) please. hello (respectful), thank you, good-bye, excuse me
What propriety allows, is what also governs the people*
What propriety abolishes, is what also causes chaos among the people*
[*this translation needs help!]

I mentioned in the post about the other three posters that “propaganda” in Chinese doesn’t carry the negative connotations that it does in English. If you take a closer look at the photo above, you’ll see “Propaganda Board” (宣传栏) at the top.

More translated propaganda fun:

One thought on “Chinese gov to The People: “Mind your manners!””

  1. Well, that’s understandable, seeing that China spent 50 years stamping out manners. Having manners was a sure sign of bourgeoisie. Lining up in an orderly fashion, considering others in public, not blowing snot-rockets…all of these were signs that you were an enemy of the people. Seriously, people went to prison for this stuff. Real people, real prison.

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