“Be selfless, moral, two-child Chinese citizens”

Three new propaganda* posters just went up in our neighbourhood, courtesy of the Qingdao Spiritual Civilization Construction Committee Office (青岛市精神文明建设委员会办公室). “Create together a national civilized city!” (共创全国文明城市).

Interestingly, they feature traditional Chinese values, classic Communist values, and a TWO-child family. All at the same time. I don’t know what to make of all that, if anything, but they caught my eye. Translation below each image.

1. Serve the People!

Serve the People!
A person’s life is finite, but, serving people is infinite,
I want to take my finite life, and throw it into the infinite service of others…
Vigorously promote
Study Lei Feng, be devoted to other people, enhance yourself
学习雷锋 奉献他人 提升自己
The Volunteer Service Principle

2. Become a moral person

Become a moral person
Kong Rong Shares Pears
(Ancient Chinese fable in which Kong Rong chooses the smallest pear, giving the bigger pears to his brothers. When asked why, he says the older brothers should get the bigger pears because they’re older, and that it’s his responsibility to take care of his younger brother.)

3. Advocate Civilizedness

Advocate a new civilized trend
Construct a beautiful homeland together
Love our Qingdao

*P.S. – In Chinese, the word propaganda isn’t necessarily negative like it is in English. It basically just means ‘promotion of ideas’. I think we should combine the best of both worlds: use it in all the situations Chinese does, but keep the negative English connotations. So all advertising, political and ideological messaging is propaganda.

P.P.S. –
That’s not just any young revolutionary in the first poster; it’s Lei Feng of Chinese Communist mythology. For more about him, see:

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