“Living With Dead Hearts” trafficked Chinese children documentary free to view online [Updated]

For those of you with an interest in human trafficking, international adoption or China in general, you’ll probably want to see this heart-breaking documentary from ChinaGeeks. Tens of thousands of children are kidnapped each year in China and sold into domestic adoption, forced labour, prostitution, or overseas adoption. Here’s the trailer:

Living With Dead Hearts provides a simple introduction to infant and child trafficking in China, and allows a few families a chance to tell their stories. We glimpse their anguish and unrelenting attempts to track down their children, made all the worse by incompetent, callous and/or complicit gov’t officials and law enforcement.

Even one of the kidnapped tells his story, or at least the parts he knows: “I just want to know my birth parents, where I came from, and for what reason I was kidnapped and sold.”

In Carried Off, co-director Charlie Custer relays the experience of American adoptive parents searching for the truth of their Chinese child’s past, and provides greater detail about Chinese child trafficking in general.

For more about human trafficking and related issues see:

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