H7N9 bird flu notice on our gate (translated)

Interestingly enough, this was posted beside another notice about how people aren’t allowed to tear up the grass to plant vegetable gardens or raise chickens.

Warm and Fragrant Briefing

All Respected Property Owners, Hello:

To counter the many recent instances in various places of people becoming infected with H7N9 bird flu, various places are adopting emergency contingency plans to take preventative measures, people are also attaching increasing importance to the H7N9 bird flu preventative measures, and our Fulinyuan neighbourhood management office especially draws to everyone’s attention:

  1. Maintain favourable life habits, ensure to keep adequate sleep and rest, drink more water, eat more fruit.
  2. Pay attention to personal hygiene, diligently wash hands, maintain household indoors, diligently ventilate the air.
  3. In case of fever, coughing, runny nose, etc. respiratory tract symptoms, immediately go to the hospital and see a doctor for inspection.
  4. In the kitchen must separate raw and hot, do not eat raw or half-cooled chicken, duck, goose, etc. all kinds of meat, especially pay attention to not eat half-raw not hot eggs.
  5. Seldom go to crowded places, guard against contagious or infectious disease.

Especially take note:
In order to ensure and safeguard all property owners’ physical and mental health, property owners raising poultry are asked to conscientiously and voluntarily dispose.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Fulinyuan Neighbourhood Property Management Office




  1. 保持良好的生活习惯,保保持充足睡眠和休息 多饮水 多吃水果。
  2. 注意个人卫生 勤洗手 保持家庭室内 勤通风换气。
  3. 一旦出现发热 咳嗽 流涕等呼吸道症状 立即到医院检查就诊。
  4. 厨房中要将生热分开 不吃生的或半热的鸡 鸭 鹅肉等各类肉食特别是注意不要吃半生不热的鸡蛋。
  5. 少去人多拥挤的地方 防止传染或感染疾病。




3 thoughts on “H7N9 bird flu notice on our gate (translated)”

  1. Wow, this was much more succinct than the pamphlets handed out in our area! Although to be fair the first Beijing case of H7N9 was in our neighbourhood. You missed out on the “fun” cartoons we got, too.

  2. Ha, yeah, we’re sort of in backwater Qingdao (but not for long at the rate they’re developing this district). This notice, and its typos, was just printed up by the neighborhood 物业 (which actually seems to do more than eat watermelon and drink tea, unlike our wuye in Tianjin). No bird flu in our area yet!

  3. useful 物业 is a miraculous thing indeed :) i’m really not worried about bird flu. i was in the middle of a swine flu outbreak in 2009 too, though, so maybe other people should be worried about living near me??

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