Chinese labour camp letter found in Made-in-China goods from Kmart

There’s a cute scene in the documentary China Blue where two factory workers entertain the idea of slipping a friendly letter into the pocket of the jeans they’re preparing for export. Well, apparently someone’s actually done it. If you needed yet another reason to buy much less and much more selectively during Consumerism FestivalChristmas, or any other time of year, how about this: Made-in-China sometimes means made in the gulag — at least according to this letter written in Chinglish by an apparent labour camp inmate and found by an Oregonian woman in some stuff she bought at Kmart: Halloween decorations carry haunting message of forced labor. Click the image to view a readable size.

Even if this letter is fake, the things it describes are real enough. For more about Chinese labour camps, including video, see the investigative report linked in this post.

A sign at the entrance of a Chinese gulag says:
Who are you
What is this place
Why have you come here

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  1. When I worked as a stocker at Walmart years ago, one night I opened a box of shirts from Bangladesh and found what was obviously a child’s footprint inside the cardboard box. We found it sobering.

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