Chinese Christianity analysis link roundup

It’s the Christmas season, so here’s a list of recent Christianity-in-China analysis (as opposed to news) links. If you’re at all interested in understanding Chinese Christianity, the first three sources below are especially worth adding to your feed reader.

ChinaSource / Dr. Brent Fulton:
Key Issues for the Church in China: Chinese perspectives
Christians consider China’s leadership change

Pu Shi Institute for Social Sciences / Dr. Liu Peng:
The Present Condition of Christianity and Religious Regulations in China
House Churches: Problems and Solutions

Global China Center / Dr. G. Wright Doyle:
Respecting Chinese Culture, Pt. 1
Respecting Chinese Culture, Pt. 2

Chinese Church Voices:
Economist Dr. Zhao Xiao on Christianity’s impact on China’s development

Also see: Against the Chinese Protestant “Two Organizations” (TSPM & CCC)

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