Against the Chinese Protestant “Two Organizations” (TSPM & CCC)

Here’s one piece in a complex puzzle that makes up Christianity in China: a damning analysis of the actual nature of the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (三自爱国教会) and the China Christian Council (中国基督教协会) — the “Two Organizations” (两会) that oversee and exclusively represent all legal Chinese Protestant activity. See:
The Nature of the Chinese Protestant “Two Organizations”

Compare to this other rejection of the TSPM, which approaches the issue from a different angle:
Why We Won’t Join the Three-Self Patriotic Association

One thing I wonder about: Why is it always translated “Three Self Patriotic Movement” (or “…Association“)? The Chinese seems to literally say “Three Self Patriotic Church” (教会).

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  1. Used to be “yundong” when first formulated in the early 50’s. Only later was it a designation for patriotic churches/association

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