Chinese man helps stranger, makes front page news, Wuhan declared ‘city of love’

Here’s a translation/summary of a recent front page story from the Changjiang Daily in Hubei Province.

Man in Wuhan falls off his bicycle, someone helps him
“When the middle-aged man was safely taken away in the ambulance, about 30 people stayed loitering about and talking to the journalist. Some of them were saying that in other places in China if a person falls in the street, no-one will dare help them, but clearly Wuhan is different! Indeed, they concluded, Wuhan is a city that has love!”

More on Good Samaritan behaviour in China:

2 thoughts on “Chinese man helps stranger, makes front page news, Wuhan declared ‘city of love’”

  1. that’s not because Chinese are indifferent. That’s because there were some cases that one helped other who fell and then was framed up that they were the one who led to the fall. Due to no evidence to prove you were innocent, so you are adjudicate to pay part of the medical fees.

  2. @Sheenky: Sad, but I can only comfirm.

    I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard a story from my friend about a guy, that drove over a person with his car several times. Why? He just hit her and wanted to make sure she will die. Then he would need only to pay some “reparation” for the family, instead of bonding himself possibly for whole life with medication costs or a pension.

    Good that at least Wuhan seems to be different.

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