“Re-LIN-gion” Chinese internet meme

I haven’t paid much attention to Jeremy Lin news (or Tebow, for that matter), so I have no idea if this is something Jeremy Lin actually said. But it was shared on Facebook by some Taiwanese friends, and it’s the first Christian-themed Jeremy Lin meme I’ve seen so far. Translation and mouseover pronunciation below. The image is in traditional characters but I’ve written it in simplified.


I am unable to change a person’s heart.
I am unable to soften a person’s heart.
This is something I’m unable to accomplish.
I just focus solely on my calling and mission.
The other things are all handed over to God.
— Lín​ Shū​háo

Jeremy Lin has been called the Taiwanese Tebow. I thought this NYT piece explained his appeal well: Lin’s Appeal: Faith, Pride and Points. And of course there are lots of other ways people make word plays from his name, both in English and Chinese. Here are a few: 林疯子.

One thought on ““Re-LIN-gion” Chinese internet meme”

  1. I’ve always found athletes like Jeremy Lin and Tebow quite fascinating. It’s like they have a greater purpose to their pursuits in their given sport. Rather than doing it for jsut the money, or just loving the sport, they do it out of their love for God, and it seems that they are some of the most motivated athletes on the planet.

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