Mainland students lining up for Western private schools

I’ve witnessed the rise of Mainland students both at the private American university from which I graduated and in the ESL program of the private Canadian high school where I’m temporarily teaching. I also have a one-on-one private student in a public school’s ESL program. For some, it’s not their first private school in Canada; one student left the school an agency in China had pitched to her after the first semester because it was basically a big scam. Anyway, here’s an interesting report/first-person account of the rise of Mainlanders in private U.S. schools:

How China’s New Love Affair with U.S. Private Schools Is Changing Them Both

American high school diplomas are the new must-have for the upwardly mobile. Thousands of miles away, U.S. private schools are adjusting accordingly.

In six years, boarding schools like Deerfield and The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut reported a ten-fold increase in the number of Chinese applications.

It is also a lens into their complicated and often conflicting psychology: increasingly ambitious and outward-looking, at once sophisticated and perhaps a bit naive, they seem driven by a combination of faith in China’s future and distrust of its present; a belief that education abroad will translate into success at home. But, dazed by the new emerging opportunities and eager to follow the latest trend that promises them long-term security, both the parents and their children sometimes get something very different from what they’d hoped for.

The story quoted above does an infinitely better job than this one from last December.

And I couldn’t resist this photo of Prime Minister Stephen Harper schmoozing Chinese students (that’s not Dashan in the background, is it?):

More on teaching Mainlanders ESL in Canada:

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