Class struggle and the meaning of Starbucks in China

I fought for 18 years to have a cup of coffee with you” is a translated first-person essay that lays out the frustrations and disadvantages of educated rural migrant Chinese in a class-conscious, economically lopsided urban society. It also demonstrates how social status weighs heavily:

“I fought for eighteen years, and can finally sit down with you for a cup of coffee. I’m now a resident in this big, international city, and I’m no different from the white collar workers here. However, I can never forget the struggles my family and I went through. I can never forget my classmates who will never see their dreams come true. For this reason, I’ve written this in the first person. What I’ve written is nothing special. It’s the typical tale of those who come from rural China. Every time I see a student who’s been dealt same hand I got, I feel a heavy sense of responsibility.”

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  1. China’s past has been a turbulent one, no one can deny. the result has been mixed..the good result has been the refusal to engage in hegemonistic international conduct. the lesser result can be perceived as a somewhat “hardening” emotionally. The remarkable thing has been the speed ( one generation) to become stable, and to become one of the greatest economic powerhouses in world history.The Chinese are resilient,capable and hard-working. This week’s Space port Docking portends greater Space achievements, despite the U.S.’s black-listing China from the so-called Int’l spaceport.

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