Interview with Chinese exile, women’s rights campaigner and founder of All Girls Allowed

CT has a wide-raging interview with the Chinese exile who founded All Girls Allowed to campaign for Chinese women against sex-selective abortion, the One Child Policy and patriarchal Chinese traditions, in which she discusses:

  • the relationship between Tiananmen and Chinese Christianity,
  • ‘Where was God during Tiananmen?’,
  • her own abortions,
  • what Christianity has to say to Chinese patriarchal traditions,
  • and, of course, gendercide, Chinese women’s suicide rates, bride trafficking, and the One Child Policy.

Saving China’s Daughters: Each day in China, 35,000 baby girls are aborted and 500 women commit suicide. One freedom fighter won’t take it any longer.

I’d love to quote some interesting bits but this one’s too sensitive for the blog. Just go read the interview. There are previous news articles on her and All Girls Allowed here: One Chinese woman’s fight against gendercide.

For more about abortion and gendercide in China, and its impact on North America, see: “Painless”, “cozy”, “cheerful”, “3-minute”, “sweet dream” abortions in Tianjin, China.

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