Chinese editorial condemns the rich and powerful’s “symphony of privilege”

“According to eyewitnesses, Li’s son, who was driving a BMW without a driver’s license, attacked the couple with another man within minutes allegedly rear-ending their car, beating them and shouting, “Who dares dial 110!”
“The broader issue of privilege among China’s second-generation political and business elites is encompassed in two terms now widely used, the “power progeny” or “second-generation [of] officials” (官二代) and the “second-generation rich” (富二代).”

A translation of a Beijing editorial condemning the routine and flagrant abuse of privilege by China’s rich and powerful is here: China’s “symphony” of privilege

You can read about my personal run-in with one of China’s extraordinarily privileged Party faithful here: “Chairman Mao is like a god to us!”

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