Censored tourism for Taiwan-bound Mainlanders

How Beijing ensures that Mainland tourists to Taiwan are influenced as little as possible, and how Taiwanese hosts view their Mainland guests:

As Chinese Visit Taiwan, the Cultural Influence Is Subdued
“their tour guide called an impromptu meeting in the airport departure lounge. He warned them about littering, spitting, flooding hotel bathroom floors — and the local cuisine. ‘Our Taiwanese brothers do not like salt, oil and MSG the way we do,’ the guide, Guo Xin, said with a sigh.

Then his voice grew serious… Do not talk about politics with the locals, he warned, say only positive things about Taiwan and China, and by all means avoid practitioners of F@lun G0ng… ‘They will definitely try to talk to you,” he said. “When that happens, get away as fast as you can.'”

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