Funny video: Pronouncing English with Chinese syllables

It’s fun when you can get a joke in another language, even if it is middle school potty humour. I’ve come across this joke before, and it’s a funny demonstration of the pronunciation differences between Chinese and English.

The dialogue in English and Chinese (with mouseover pinyin) is below the video clip:

Kid: [Mouth] 猫屎! Cat poo!
Teacher: 对! Correct!
Kid: [Earth] 耳屎! Earwax!
Teacher: 好! Good!
Kid: [Bees] 鼻屎! Snot!
Teacher: 最后一个! Last one!
Kid: [Last] 拉屎! Go poo!
Teacher: 全答对了! 拉完屎之后呢……? All answered correctly! And after going poo…?
Kid: [Yes] 爷死! Grandpa dies!
Kid: [Nice] 奶死! Grandma dies!
Teacher: OK!
Kid: [Bus] 爸死! Dad dies!
Teacher: 哦,好! Oh, great!
Kid: [Knees] 你死! You die!
Teacher: å—¯ Mmm-hmm.
Kid: [Was] 我死! I die!
Teacher: 好!
Kid: [Does] 都死! All die!
Teacher: 都死之后? After everybody dies?
Kid: [One dollar] 完蛋了! (We’re) doomed! [lit. “The egg is done”; fig. “We’re done for/doomed/finished/toast”.]
Teacher: 全答对了! All answered correctly!

3 thoughts on “Funny video: Pronouncing English with Chinese syllables”

  1. wow, how did you find them? that was exactly how we learnt english when first started in junior high school. so much fun!

  2. This is so hilarious. I had to watch it several times to be able to appreciate it, but it is really ingenious. Helped me learn a little Chinese too.

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