Power to the Laobaixing! Or at least a chance to vent…

A friend biked by a pr0test in Tianjin the other day and decided to stop and ask what it was all about. He got an earful:

There’s Propaganda. . .and Then There’s Propaganda
“I tried to reassure them that no, things like this certainly do happen in America, much more frequently than they think, but as always when I try to create an ‘it’s us against them’ cross-cultural pax-romana, they just nodded for a few seconds and continued loudly espousing the same viewpoint they’d had before I said anything.

“The guy with the cart piled with boxes said, ‘America’s great! You’ve got Christians, and you can believe what you want!’ (I’m not sure precisely what he was going for, but that’s what he said.)”

3 thoughts on “Power to the Laobaixing! Or at least a chance to vent…”

  1. The Chinese are confused about a lot of things and especially, what goes on in the West. For a start, they tend to think the culture of all WEstern countries is much the same and we all share the same values.

    As a result, Christianity is confused with democracy, capitalism and eating in Texas type steak houses while human rights seems to apply to the right to drive a car and that people who walk just have no rights.

    When I tell someone in McDonalds they shouldn’t drink coffe with a straw they saw this is ‘coffe with Chinese characteristics.’ But when I eat with chopsticks and leave them sdticking straight up in the air I’m told I’m offending Chinese people.

    In summary, I wouldn’t worry about what anybody says or does because the way its going the next President of China looks like being, well, Yao Ming. That’s the real reason he isn’t playing for the Houston Rockets anymore.

    You all should know by now, in China anything is possible and everything is impossible: get used to it!

  2. If I remember, they were mad about something to do with a housing development. That’s why the comment about Christians caught my friend by surprise. The crowd’s dispute wasn’t directly related to freedom of thought or speech.

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