China’s dog-eating controversy is class warfare

I’ve never understood why some bourgeois Chinese make an issue of eating dog. I mean, I get that pet owners might develop less of an appetite, but staging demonstrations? Rescue missions? What do they care? It seems so … unChinese. Well, turns out there’s an interesting historical and social angle to dog’s as pets that I’d missed before, and that’s why eating dog can be such a sensitive issue in China: “During the Cultural Revolution, having a pet was seen as a capitalist activity. Only the rich and arrogant had dogs and allowed them to bite poor people. So there’s this implication that if you treated pets well, you will treat those who are weaker badly.” See: Eating Dog In China. It’s Very Complex. Very. and Chinese dog eaters and dog lovers spar over animal rights.

Our own dog-eating experiences are here:

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