ABC News’ Stephen McDonell wades through heavy surveillance to report on China’s “True Believers”

“The question is, can the State accept the idea that many of their citizens follow the word of their gods above the word of the Party?”

Watch the program and read a partial transcript here. See McDonell confront the agents trailing him — on camera — here.

It’s all interesting, but I was especially surprised by what they managed to film starting at 21:30.

2 thoughts on “ABC News’ Stephen McDonell wades through heavy surveillance to report on China’s “True Believers””

  1. The ABC’s Foreign Correspondent program on religious followers in China was interesting but factually incorrect on at least one point. The Chinese authorities did not ask Bob Dylan not to play Masters of War, With God on Our Side or Blowin’ in the Wind. Theses songs were not on his play list. For confirmation go to Bob Dylan’s official web-site or read the article on this in The Nation.
    The claim that Dylan had to change his play list due to the Chinese authorities was a false story published by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times which Dylan has since refuted. The view of the Chinese authorities on Bob Dylan and his earlier protest songs as published in the Global Times is that there were primarily against US foreign policy at the time and, in particular, the Cuban embargo and the Vietnam War.

    1. I saw that too. Dylan himself said there was never any issue about his set list, that he was never told what he could or could not play — they just were asked to submit the a list of songs he might play beforehand. And if you look at the lyrics of this opening number, you’ll see they weren’t paying attention to his lyrics!

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