Happy Easter, China [Update #3] — Formal petition calls Beijing out

*Update on the update*: Start watching at 21:30 of this report to see actually footage of what actually happens each Sunday.

Cyberattacks, house arrests, detainings, evictions, firings, internal deportations and other harassments continue, but that hasn’t stopped the embattled unregistered church from continuing to meet publicly outdoors for seven consecutive Sundays as of last Sunday. They say they’ll continue meeting outdoors until Christmas or until the authorities allow them to rent indoor spaces or occupy the property they’ve purchased. Translated recent public statements from the church are here, here and here. Meanwhile seventeen similar groups across China have formally petitioned the government (read the English translation here), requesting changes to outdated regulations that they blame for creating the current problem. Overseas Chinese are also organizing support.

Mainstream media coverage:

You can find an on-going news roundup on this story here, provided the website manages to continue fending off the hackers.

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