Old-style Chinese bathhouse photos

If you don’t mind a bunch of old man butts and the occasional strategically-placed shadow, this collection of photos from a 100-year-old Beijing bathhouse gives a glimpse into the soon-to-be-extinct community life of a generation. Some of the photos look like they could have been part of the set for the movie 洗澡 (Shower), and others look like they came straight out of the few neighbourhood bathhouses I’ve visited in Tianjin.

Other Chinese bathhouse stuff:

2 thoughts on “Old-style Chinese bathhouse photos”

  1. Ohhh!!!! This reminds me so much of the Korean Jim Jil Bang I went to!!!! So great & relaxing! They have heated floors, a restaurant, snack bar, sauna rooms, massage, everything!!! Most people use them as hotels & sleep there over night. You can bring board games, even your own snacks. The dry area is coed & everyone is given shorts & a t-shirt to wear when you first go it. only the locker rooms & wet bath/shower areas are separate.

    Getting scrubbed down on the those tables is not as easy as it looks in these pictures though – you really have to hang on, or you’ll slide right off!

    Is there any place like this in Tianjin now for ladies to go?

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