Painful cross-cultural dinner conversation: “So, what attracted you to your husband?”

This story, shared by an Anglo doctor about his Chinese wife, makes me wince. At a dinner with friends they asked her what attracted her to her husband, and she responds with famous and brutal unapologetic Chinese pragmatism: DNA envy and the dinner conversation

This guy has a whole blog about his wife; probably better read the post above before she finds out. :)

4 thoughts on “Painful cross-cultural dinner conversation: “So, what attracted you to your husband?””

  1. This is a very interesting blog.

    This doctor must have some kind of intimate knowledge of Chinese women somehow, because he covers a lot of incidents that ring so true to me.

    The story about his mother-in-law, and how she wouldn’t mix with another older Chinese woman, is very similar to what happen with me…and the story about the parking space could have easily been about my wife.

    Not sure though whether the photo is real, as his wife would be onto to him really quickly.

  2. I suspect that the site is real. Too much of it rings true. That said there are lots of good Chinese women around. This poor doctor seems to have found a pretty extreme example of a narcissist. Unfortunately, China also has lots of those.

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