Post-China reverse culture stress: You’re Not Special Anymore

Shannon went back to America with her Chinese husband after three years in China, and she’s only just now, several months later, able to start articulating parts of her reverse culture shock experience: “I was continually asked to be an “English expert” in various ways, I was always treated like a guest and was usually the first to be approached and befriended in a new situation. My picture was all over the city – on buses, in movie theaters, on LCD screens throughout the city, even as a life-sized cut-out in my school. I was special, unique, different and rare.

“I’m just not a big deal anymore! It’s a complete and total change from the last 3.5 years of my life and, I’m afraid, it’s going to be one of the biggest adjustments for me.” Read more here: Hero to Zero

We’ve written about our own adventures in reverse culture stress here.

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