When former Red Guards apologize

It’s rare, but not entirely unheard of. Here’s a story translated from the Chinese media about some former Red Guards who have finally tried to apologize to their victims — 40 years later. See A Letter From Deep Inside History: Forty-four years later, finally some red guards apologize publicly.

One thought on “When former Red Guards apologize”

  1. Thanks for posting. I really think many Chinese look to their government (an d to the shrouded history of China) and see things they are not proud of, and it has a profound effect on the people, in very subtle ways. To wit, why should a Chinese construction worker be honest and noble, when the richest most opulent in the land seem to have no morals to speak of. The Chinese Govt (and Charles Barkley) may not want to be role models, but they are. Having someone step forward, not matter how long ago it was, is truly a moving gesture. I just wish more people heard about this.

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