New Photo Gallery: Tianjin 2010 Spring & Summer

Summer is just about done, so here’s a photo gallery of “our” Tianjin covering the first half of 2010 (Spring Festival to present): Tianjin 2010 — Spring & Summer. There’s lots to see, like these grandmas in the park having a group eyeball-rubbing session:

The photos come from all over: partially abandoned and bulldozed hutongs in Tianjin’s less developed districts, the Great Wall in northern Tianjin, street markets, etc.

Click a photo to go to our Tianjin 2010 — Spring & Summer gallery.

4 thoughts on “New Photo Gallery: Tianjin 2010 Spring & Summer”

  1. Do you know if the eyeball rubbing is part of the “Eight Section Brocade”? Or is it just eyeball rubbing?

    I was once shown something involving eyeball rubbing, and now that I see other people rubbing their eyeballs, it made me wonder if there really was something to that eyeball rubbing… rub rub…

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