[Photo Gallery:] Our Tianjin 2010

You’ll see several sides of Tianjin in this photo gallery, including:

  • the not-yet-rehomogenized Tianjin; the poorer, less redeveloped Hóngqiáo (红桥区) and HébÄ›i (河北区) districts,
  • the Great Wall in Jìxiàn (蓟县),
  • park scenes from The People’s Park (人民公园), Zhōngshān Park (中山公园), and XÄ«gÅ« Park (西沽公园),
  • our neighbourhood’s crazy street market,
  • burning spirit money to the dead for the Tomb Sweeping festival (清明节),
  • the Tianjin breakfast scene,

and some other random stuff like BBQ’d cicada larvae, sheep brains, and explosive dogs. Most photos have captions. Mouseover the thumbnails for short descriptions.

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