Hu Shi’s 1927 editorial on the impending demise of Christianity in China

While acknowledging the role of foreign Christians in agitating for positive social reform and assisting Chinese resistance to foreign imperial aggression, and while claiming “that there is much cheap argument in the narrow nationalistic attack which sees in the Christian missionary an agent of imperialist aggression”, Dr. Hu Shi predicts in a 1927 editorial that nationalism, rationalism, and humanism will take root in China and successfully kill off Christianity within China.

One thought on “Hu Shi’s 1927 editorial on the impending demise of Christianity in China”

  1. I’m not sure if Hu Shi is right or wrong. While a number of young people seem infatuated with Christianity there are few signs that Christianity is either spreading or that many Chinese actually practise or believe in it.

    It seems to me that what interest there is in China in Christianity is based on an interest in things Western.
    Things are confusing enough in China, not just for foreigners but for most Chinese, I don’t think adopting a religion that runs counter to Chinese culture like Christianity will help and will most likely be a source of discord and social unrest. Christianty runs counter to Chinese values largely due to two things, its monothesism and its absolutism. Also, the Chinese like modelling themselves on those they respect and admire not reading books about them and what they said and did.

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