I’ve seen people scooping slop out of manholes beside restaurants in Tianjin before, but I didn’t know they were doing it to skim off the waste oil and resell it back to the restaurants! If you’re not sick, you will be after reading the reports about 地沟油 linked below.

Translated from the Chinese internet: Restaurant head chef talks about drainage oil in China
From the China Daily: Old oil used in ‘1 in 10 meals’

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7 thoughts on “GROOOOOOOSS!”

  1. Happens all the time:

    Every Chinese textbook I’ve looked at has a chapter somewhere with the theme of gastrointestinal illness. 拉肚子,住院了,昨天晚上吃了鱼,现在不舒服, etc etc etc.

    The problem is so endemic, so much a part of life, so much a doesn’t-warrant-the-slightest explanation occasion, that saying one has such a problem is a commonly used way to get out of some social encounter one would rather avoid.

    I could never understand why the Chinese would have such a fixation, when it’s so rare here in Australia. Then I went to China…

    Capn (who is proud of not getting ill at all in his 5 months in Dalian…)

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