Happy Lantern Festival!

Tonight is 元宵节 (yuán xiāo jié, a.k.a. the Lantern Festival), the last big fireworks night of Spring Festival. This is our living room (4th floor) around 9pm — you can imagine the noise.

We partied it up too hard during all the other days of Spring Festival (photo galleries will be up soon!), so tonight we’re staying in nursing L’s and Jessica’s colds. By this time (15 days into Spring Festival) the fireworks have long since changed from fun to annoying. We’ll be glad for the relative peace and quiet after the fireworks season is over.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Lantern Festival!”

  1. Just wanted to let you two know I’m proud of you and miss you.

    On another note, that photo looks really erie. I’m glad you gave an explanation.

    How exciting that Joel’s parents got to visit. I can’t wait to hear stories!

  2. Hello — thank you for everything in your blog. If you happen to read this: What goes on in Tianjin for the Lantern Festival? Is there a place to be to see it? Different activities around Tianjin?
    Thanks for any advice!
    Dan, temporarily at Nankai University.

  3. My students say that Ancient Culture Street 古文化街 will be a good place to go in the evening. The Water Park 水上公园 probably has something going on in the evening, too. If you go be prepared for big crowds and lots of colour! (You might want to confirm these with someone before you head out.)

  4. Joel,
    The Water Park was lovely to stroll through, and the Culture Street and especially the frozen river were simply astounding. Ten thousand red lanterns filling the booming sky —
    Btw, I happened to see the Temple Fair at Prince Zhuang’s mansion on Baidi Lu, and that was also very interesting — it goes through Feb. 20: http://cities.echinacities.com/tianjin

    thanks again and best wishes,
    dan (lloyd), spouse of a Fulbright professor at Nankai

    1. I’m glad you found somewhere to experience a bit of the Lantern Festival! I’d asked friends, coworkers, and students for a couple days where to go, and no one seemed to know. We went to the Water Park 水上公园 first around 7:15, and the only thing there were a crowds of annoyed locals with their kids complaining that there was nothing there for the Lantern Festival. So we went to Ancient Culture Street 古文化街, and it was packed solid with people, but again no decorations, most of the shops were closed, it was seriously lame. So we walked to the Haihe river 海河 near the lion bridge, and there at least there were lots of people setting of fireworks, launching wish lanterns 许愿灯,and having fun. We launched a couple lanterns from down on the ice. Wish I’d had better info for you!

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