Education as a Path to Conformity

From The NYT: ““Why does China produce so many clever people, but so few geniuses?”
“Our children learn to calculate fast, play the piano, to do everything well. They have a lot of skills. But when they grow up they are lost, because no one ever asked them to think about what they want.”
…Chinese school … demands obedience to hierarchy, bone-hard study and uncritical thinking.”

3 thoughts on “Education as a Path to Conformity”

  1. Yes. And the exam mark is the only thing that most parents care. But it is changing, expecially young parents.

  2. As someone learning Chinese as an adult, I have come to realise that the only way to learn Chinese characters is by brute force rote memory. I see young Chinese learning characters the same way.

    In my opinion, the necessity of brute force memorisation then goes on to affect every subject in the curriculum.

    It’s a terrible generalisation, but that’s how it seems to me.

  3. Many of the authors I’ve read speculate about the relationship between Chinese characters and Chinese thinking/education, usually saying that the necessity of memorizing so many characters unavoidably shapes education. There’s no way around it; brute rote memorization is necessary, which is why I’m so bad at reading, let alone writing!

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