Tianjin Snow!

A snowman (with Chinese characteristics):

In Chinese you don’t “make” a snowman, you “pile” (å †) a snowman. Unless it’s young people getting creative/naughty, most snowmen look like the one above. If they have any arms at all it’s usually a broom (branches are in short supply) and usually only one.

All the daytime photos were taken around 12:15pm, on my way to the subway.

A “beautiful frozen person” (right).
“美丽冻人” is a word-play in Chinese on “美丽动人” (a beautiful and captivating person), describing women who don’t wear the socially-prescribed multiple layers of long-johns because they don’t want to look fat.

The entrance to our apartment complex:

Going home from the market:

My students this evening at the entrance to our building:

It didn’t stop all day. It’s night time and still going. They’ve canceled a bunch of schools for tomorrow. I have to be at work at 9am but don’t teach until 2pm. Still waiting for that phone call…

Last photo — My students had to design snowmen in class and then draw them according to other students’ spoken instructions:

Next year is the year of the tiger, hence the “王” on the forehead of the ferocious snowman on the left indicating that it’s a tiger, not a kitty. They said its whiskers were chopsticks.

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