Merry Christmas Music 2009!

It’s time for the annual Christmas posts, but we’re a little handicapped this year without youtube, plus I don’t want to repeat, so no poems, cute TCKs, crucified Mickeymouses, or churches with Santa painted on them all year long.

Instead you get to hear some Christmas songs for grown-ups. It’s not the ultimate Christmas song selection (for that I’d need the Trans-Siberian Orchestra stuff we accidentally left in Canada), but we like it. All the songs are from Over The Rhine‘s 2007 Snow Angels album. OTR gets points from us for mixing real Christmas (i.e. love, forgiveness, hope, Jesus, etc.) with married-people’s business. I’ll let you figure out for yourself which songs are about which, or both. You can buy these and other OTR music here.

  • “Here It Is”
    [audio:09 Here It Is.mp3]
  • “All I Ever Get For Christmas Is Blue”
    [audio:01 All I Ever Get For Christmas Is B.mp3]
  • “Darlin’ (Christmas is Coming)”
    [audio:02 Darlin’ (Christmas is Coming).mp3]
  • “Snowed In With You”
    [audio:07 Snowed In With You.mp3]
  • “White Horse”
    [audio:03 White Horse.mp3]
  • “North Pole Man”
    [audio:08 North Pole Man.mp3]

More Christmas posts on the way; we have a little Tianjin Christmas adventure planned for Christmas Eve.

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