Free Baby Accessories, compliments of Tianjin & the One Child Policy

In Canada the Province of British Columbia gave us a free CD with a hippie/new-age reading of a poem for infants about how “YOU. Are a chiiiiild of the UUUNiverse…”. In Tianjin our friends who had their baby here got this free bib with a One Child Policy slogan on it:

“Fewer births, scientific and healthier births, lifelong happiness”
“Fewer and better births make your life happier”
“Few births, scientifically bearing children, happiness for whole life”
shǎo shēng yōushēng, xìngfú yìshēng

Other One Child Policy stuff:

Some other Vancouver stuff:

4 thoughts on “Free Baby Accessories, compliments of Tianjin & the One Child Policy”

  1. Sometimes, but walking down to the corner store is easier. There was a system in our old neighbourhood (looked like it was already being ignored by the time we got there) where you could go to the neighbourhood comrade committee, fill out a form and receive a token to use in one of the special condom vending boxes that were stuck on various walls in the area.

  2. There’s something like that here, too. It’s called the Principal’s Office.

    Tokens, eh? I wonder what they stamp on those.

    1. I only know because for the Bright Future project, when they were preparing the birth control lesson, Kristi got one of the staff to go find out about those boxes. Turned out to be pretty complicated. I should have gone and got a token, just to see what it said! Maybe I still can, but we’re new to this neighbourhood… gotta be careful about first impressions. ;)

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