Sex, Money & Power: with Chinese characteristics

A fascinating analysis of the 2008 television series “Dwelling Narrowness” (蜗居) describes contemporary Chinese urban society in terms of social classes that are distinguished according to the exploitation of sexual resources: the sexless class, the sexual middle-class, and the sexual bourgeoisie. Ridiculously inflated housing prices, which make family living spaces impossibly out of reach for many, greatly exacerbate the problem.

The plundering of sexual resources has not only created a lack of social morality and justice, but has also led to a degrading sexual co-existence … This is no longer just a problem in a moral sense, but concerns the entirety of social stability. […] If ‘Dwelling Narrowness’ was banned, it would not be because it contains topics relating to sex, it would be because this TV series is like a needle, it pokes at the sensitivities of the whole society, making us understand exactly what is sabotaging our values system. ‘Dwelling Narrowness’ is a vivid portrayal of society as a whole…”

See The Sociology of “Dwelling Narrowness”: The Sexless Class and the Struggle between the Sexual Classes.

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