The Clone Wars… with Chinese characteristics

If you’ve ever secretly harboured politically correct guilt over the impression that Chinese people “all look the same,” I’m here to absolve you with this little secret: …they do it on purpose, at least sometimes. See for yourself in this collection of photos showing how, after selecting soldiers of the same height, they’re training them to march in step for the Oct. 1 celebrations.

But people often resent being cloned, and it turns out some university students are apparently starting to chafe under the expectation that they forgo their summer break to practice for the Oct. 1 parade.

(A little more on Chinese people’s special appreciation for human symmetry here: What do the Olympics mean to “their China”?)

3 thoughts on “The Clone Wars… with Chinese characteristics”

  1. I’m still not sure they all look alike, but those pictures are impressive. I still wonder what Westerners might accomplish if we were to work together in that fashion. It almost scares me, but in a good way, to see what the Chinese can do when they put their minds to it and work together.

  2. I think there’s a reason Western nations shy away from stiff, uniform goose-stepping.

    Also, many people putting their minds together and many people having their minds made for them aren’t necessarily the same thing.

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