Psychological profiles of typical Chinese females

A PhD psychoanalyst from the USA profiles the typical Chinese female. First time I’ve come across anything like this:

Not being a psychoanalyst myself, I have no idea if this stuff is worth it or not, but it’s definitely interesting. Also Dating Etiquette, Relationships and Sex in China.

It’s from a good China living and teaching resource site I just discovered called Middle Kingdom Life (also a blog), which looks great aside from their goofy “dragon” image (Chinese “dragons” aren’t actually dragons; they’re a combination of several different animals — probably a consolidation of tribal totems — and they don’t have wings or breathe fire).

One thought on “Psychological profiles of typical Chinese females”

  1. Hello there,
    Thansk for sharing those experiences and links with us.
    I am comign to china for business and meet many people. As far as I have experinced, my opinion is the same for chinese woman as in that blog. paralel to articles I have had the idea chinese woman are so eager to get marry which I respected and I found their approach very brave. Coming from eastern nation (turkish), it is very interesting that china keeps their tradition still, we dont have anymore.

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