“Water Brain” — high quality animation depicts the Chinese student experience

Even if you’ve never been to China, you’ve maybe had homestays, or seen all the Korean and Chinese “academies” for after-school English, or at least seen Asian students sweep all the academic awards and high school and college graduation ceremonies (when we graduated, a student from the Mainland that no one even knew was attending our school took all the awards). Now, according to The People’s Daily,

A student-made computer animated short, depicting every child’s urge to be free from the overwhelming pressure by teachers and parents to succeed in school, has brought tears to many college students’ eyes, bringing back memories of sufferings past.

There’s no dialogue, so you don’t need to know Chinese for this film to give you a little better insight into the Chinese student experience:

This is a story about mental pressure. In this story, the kids are constantly forced to bury themselves into their endless homework by those giant monsters behind them. The children’s brains are filled with water that can be heated by tension. If a kid is overstressed, the water in their brain would boil and produce steam, which becomes the food of the greedy monsters and the energy of the whole city. Thus,those poor children repeat their lives day after day, serving as the powerplant of their world, spending their childhood in tragic misery……

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