“the improvement has gone mainly into the facade.”

An opinion piece from the China Daily about what’s happening to China’s cities: “The pace of gentrification is happening so fast all over China, especially in the nation’s megacities, that I’m getting pinched, rather than delighted, by it. Certainly, our cities are more photogenic now than a decade or two ago, but at what price are we paying for the improvement?”

“Local governments are shaping urban China in similar ways, leaving a trail of empty streets that look like movie sets – pretty but soulless.”

One thought on ““the improvement has gone mainly into the facade.””

  1. This is so true. We want a state-of-the-art cityscape that will awe the whole world in the magazines, but we don’t always plan venues that can thrive at a reasonable level for the local people who should be the target audience.

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