“No dogs or peasants”

The legendary “No Dogs or Chinese” sign, which has served as propaganda fodder for generations and was even famously smashed to bits in a Bruce Lee movie, has possibly reincarnated in China.

Only this time instead of a possibly-mythological sign used by imperialistic foreigners to discriminate against Chinese, it’s a real-life sign at the entrance to a high end Chinese shopping mall that seems to say: “No Dogs or Peasants.”

Anyone for a little more class struggle?

2 thoughts on ““No dogs or peasants””

  1. We have these types of signs in Japan, too.

    Take a look at this link:

    Most of the places that have these signs are shady night clubs law abiding foreigners would never want to go to, anyway. However, there are some Onsens(hot springs), Barbers, and a few hotels that have “Japanese” only signs.
    “Japanese only” signs may have a we different meanings:

    (a)Japanese speakers only or someone accompanied with one.
    (b)No foreigners(i.e. Caucasians and Anglo-Saxons)
    (c)No one with Chinese or Korean blood
    (d)Rarely, no blacks, Indians, or Arabs
    (e)No, American military
    (f)No, foreigners of any type. This would include even citizens if they happen to look non-Japanese.

    In Japan there are no law against discrimination or racisim.
    Most Japanese feel they are not prejudiced, they simply treat each person equally according to their social statues, group, or cast.

    The idea that all people might be the same is never given much serious thought. This is even built into the Japanese language.

    (Example you can skip this part)(You must inflect and decline verbs depending on your social standing in relation to statues of the person you are talking to. There is also humble, polite, honorific, and exalted vocabulary and phrases you must apply daily. You are force to speak down to people, or up to them and to do that in various grades depending on how high or low they are in relation to you.)

    I Japan I think ‘some’ Japanese men tend to have an inferiority complex towards people of European/Caucasian more than they do toward foreigners of other ethnic groups.

    I personal know a Métis or Mulatto man from north America who entered a barber that had a “Japanese only” sign up and he was accepted warmly(well, he did have some Japanese ability). That barber soon take that sign down.

    Police often stop foriengers, of a particular pigment or lack of it, and ask to see their resident statues or passport that they must carry on them all the time.

    Once my Métis friend was stopped by cops who were randomly stopping anyone who didn’t look Japanese and they asked to see his passport. He pulled out his out his ID card and after taking a look at it the police apologized to him. Partly, because of his resident status and because he had Japanese kids.

    It’s a case by case situation but there there are some social issues here, too.

  2. Informer, you are just racist…

    Almost all Japanese people are kind.
    Almost all Chinese people are kind.
    Stupid people exist in every country.

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