Free frogs

We went out for hotpot last night and the restaurant sònged us two “cow frogs” (牛蛙):

One for the spicy side, one for the regular side! Nice of them to not throw out the skin.

Lots of restaurants in Tianjin have frogs in tanks near the front door so you can choose them fresh; it’s not anything all that extraordinary. This was the second time we’ve had frog, but the first time they were diced up and fried to unrecognizable smithereens.

Jessica made us move the frogs off the table after I took this photo because “they stunk.” And she wouldn’t let us put them in the pot until the end because she didn’t want to get the soup “all frogged up.” Pregnant ladies apparently have superior olfactory powers, and ought not to be argued with.

3 thoughts on “Free frogs”

  1. It’s true. When you’re pregnant, everything smells, tastes, and looks different. Especially frogs, I’d imagine. I had a problem with anything fried… ESPECIALLY the non-curly french fries at Jack in the Box… for some reason, they tasted like corn to me. They don’t now, but that’s how it is when you’re pregnant.

    Anyhow, congrats on the free frogs. =D And sorry to hear that they weren’t appealing to you, Jess. =) Love you!

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