Balloons, noodles, and blog issues

Stupid blog stuff
The blog’s been down a lot the last few days. So 烦得死去活来! I don’t have time or know-how to fix it, but thankfully we have friends here who are smarter than me. Hopefully we’ll do all the upgrades and maintenance and stuff that I’ve successfully(?) avoided so far out of fear of messing everything up, and things will go back to normal — I guess this thing just couldn’t stay in 2003 forever. For now it’s limping along; if you get a blank page with a weird error message, that’s why.

From today – of all the $0.50 fried noodles in Tianjin, her’s are my favourite:


From Sunday before last – a bit of colour in the morning commute:



Riding that close to all the cars is normal.

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